Caught driving at 221km/h on the FV-1 in Fuerteventura

2020/06/05 09:36:32 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

Agents of the Puerto del Rosario Traffic Department, are investigating a 40 year old Italian man, with the initials MZ, after recording him doing 221km/h on a road with 100km/h speed limit.

The Guardia Civil clocked him by radar at 8.57am on May 28th on the FV-1 heading towards Corralejo in a sports car, and a spokesperson said that "the maximum speed allowed in said section of road is 100 kilometres per hour, and the accused was driving with inherent danger, both due to excessive speed, and the fact that it is a two-way highway."

After being detected by the radar vehicle, agents proceeded to follow him and arrest him at kilometer 7.5 of the FV-1, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against road safety.

The Guardia Civil highlights that this type of crime, is punishable by a prison term of a fine plus 3 to 6 months, or a fine plus 6 to 12 months of community service (31 to 90 days must be completed depending on sentencing), and loss of licence one and four years.