Spanish company invents a biodegradable material similar to plastic

2020/07/07 08:10:56 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Catalan company Oimo, based in Barcelona, has created a sustainable material with the same properties as plastic, but produced from algae, natural sugars, and vegetable oils, that is not toxic to marine fauna.

The material can be used for the production of packaging, single-use containers, ring binders for cans, and containers for cosmetics, the Government reported in a press release.

Oimo is an eco-design company that has won awards from Brunel University, and received 75,000 euros funding from Acció which is part of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat for start up companies, and which will be used to launch the project.

The CEO of the company, Albert Marfà, has declared that "all companies are aware of the need to reduce plastic use, and the legislation works in that sense, because every year more than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea".

The company plans to start marketing its material early next year to manufacturers of plastic products.