2020/06/20 19:44:40 Written by Canarian Weekly National

"Travellers from the UK will NOT have to quarantine on arrival in Spain"

The Spanish foreign minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya, has said that British visitors are welcome to come to Spain, without the need for quarantine, as the nation reopens its borders to EU visitors.

She told BBC News today: 'We will allow British visitors to enter Spain just like the rest of the European Union after our borders open on June 21st, freely and without the need for a quarantine."

'We're discussing with the UK authorities to see if they would do the same on their side, as we are nevertheless doing this out of respect for the 400,000 British citizens that have a second residence here in Spain, and are keen to benefit from having their homes in our country."

"We do hope the UK Government will also be sensitive to the 250,000 Spaniards that have residence in the UK, and would like to enter the country without a quarantine."

But, at the moment without the Government setting up a so-called air corridor with Spain, anyone returning from a trip there would still have to quarantine for 14 days, although it is understood that the UK's quarantine restrictions will be reviewed on June 29th. 

Everyone entering Spain will have their temperature taken by Thermal Imaging cameras, have to complete e-forms, and will be taken for full testing if any signs of Covid-19 show up.

Britain's 'air bridges' plan is set to involve less than ten countries, giving tourists the ability to travel between them and the UK this summer, with no mandatory 14-day quarantine.

A total of 12 countries including Greece, Spain, Portugal and France are being considered, with officials examining both the risk of travellers bringing  Covid-19 back, and the popularity of the destination. 

At the moment, any traveller arriving in the UK, whether from Britain or a tourist, must quarantine for 14 days and provide their phone number and an address for self-isolation.

The 'air bridge' rules would come into play on July 4th and will likely be announced on June 29th, but it will only go ahead if the chief medical officer provides advice on each nation and the Foreign Office lifts its non-essential travel ban to the countries in question.