Six arrested after locating hashish in one of the boats in Lanzarote

2020/10/19 12:57:23 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

Yesterday we reported how immigrants on a patera being approached by Maritime Rescue and the Guardia Civil off the coast of Lanzarote, threw bundles of drugs into the sea before they were intercepted.

The emergency services ‘rescued’ the drugs first before they sank, then went back for the boats, taking one to Punta Mujeres, and the other to Arrecife. A video showed the Guardia Civil unloading the drugs, which have now been confirmed as hashish in 22 bales weighing 544 kilograms.

According to a Guardia Civil press release, they confirmed that one of the boats was making evasive manoevres whilst two occupants threw objects into the sea. Agents from the Costa Teguise Guardia arrested six men four of them on land who were waitiing in a van for the arrival of the boat in Punta Mujeres, and the other two were among the occupants of the patera itself who threw the drugs into the water.

The Guardia Civil are continuing their investigation into the situation with the six men in custody of the Judicial Authorities at  the Arrecife court.