Six people arrested for the theft of 60 high end motorbikes in Tenerife

2020/06/17 16:48:13 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The National Police has cracked a group of criminals in Tenerife that have been stealing high end motorbikes from around the island since 2018, and then breaking them for spares being sold on the internet.

The National Police investigation started in 2019 after an increase in complaints of motorcycle theft, particularly high end, big engine machines, since 2018 in different parts of Tenerife.

The first steps of the investigation made it possible to establish a relationship between the thefts, because even though none were connected, they were being carried out in similar ways.

The indication pointed to the existence of an organized group dedicated to the theft of this type of vehicle from garages and public roads, to later break them up and sell them for parts.

The police investigation allowed the group's procedure to be established. Initially they selected their target, and carried out surveillance tasks to determine viability, in order to minimize risks.

After determining that the act could be carried out safely, a group of at least three people committed the crime.

The motorcycle was transported with a van to a place, also controlled by people from the group, where it was hidden, disassembled and sold as parts through the internet, in order to avoid suspicion of the police.

Phases of the police operation:
The police operation was carried out in two phases; The first in September 2019, when one of the group's members was arrested. This person was committed to the sale of parts from previously stolen bikes.

This part of the investigation, mainly in La Laguna, allowed the recovery of numerous motorcycles, as well as engines and other accessories from various others.

The operation then continued after the arrest of this person, culminating in a second phase that concluded it, as the other five people who made up the group were arrested, clarifying more than fifty robberies of this nature, the recovery of 54 motorcycles, multiple parts, and accessories from them.

The detainees, together with the evidence processed from the investigation, have been placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority, awaiting sentencing.