Seven World War II bombs found in the north of Tenerife

2020/06/17 16:24:04 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

An area of La Quinta has been evacuated this morning as Tenerife Firefighters, the Local Police, and Tedax specialists, who will deactivate at least three of them, moved into the area.

Local neighbours alerted the emergency services at around 11.00am this morning (Wednesday), due to the presence of six World War II projectiles found in the La Quinta area, in front of the municipal swimming pool, in the north Tenerife town of Santa Úrsula, as confirmed by municipal sources.

The Local Police cordoned off and evacuated the area, whilst firefighters gave Tedax specialists access to the shells, so they could identify them and confirm if they were safe or not.
Meanwhile a group of road workers on Calle Camino del Mar in the same municipal area, found another artillery shell.

Security Councillor, Damián González, confirmed that roads were closed, vehicles turned away, and residents evacuated from the area, whilst at least three of the devices were de-activated.

The artifacts measure between 30 and 40 centimetres in length and are believed to be from the 1940s. Until now, it is unknown if someone placed them directly there, as they were in sight, or if they may belong to a collector.

Police are investigating the situation, and Tedax specialists have removed, the now safe, objects.