66,000 Canaries self employed will receive their benefit tomorrow

2020/05/28 20:04:06 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

A total of 65,942 self-employed in the Canary Islands will receive payment tomorrow (Friday May 29th), for the cessation of activity benefit, which represents 95.7% of the 68,928 applications submitted, according to data released by the Government Delegation in the Canary Islands.

By province, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has had 33,718 benefits granted (34,980 were requested), and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the Social Security granted 32,224 benefits (requests were 33,948).

Throughout the country, more than 1.4 million self-employed workers will receive the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity tomorrow, with an expected amount of about 1.2 billion euros, which added to those paid out on April 17th and 30th, represents approximately 2.5 billion euros paid out in benefits.

This measure was approved in Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17th, after the declaration of the state of alarm. The amount paid is at least 661 euros per month (the equivalent of 70% of the regulatory base), and it also entails the exemption of social security contributions temporarily. Its objective is to protect the lack or considerable loss of income, of self-employed workers in the exceptional situation caused by Covid-19, and to contribute to the survival of their business.

As of May 26th, there are 1,412,605 self-employed receiving this benefit throughout Spain, which is 94.62% of the 1,492,768 own-account workers who have requested it.
Of the total, 2.13% is pending, and only the remaining 3.24% have been denied.

The General Treasury of Social Security has already returned the corresponding part of March's quota to 1,028,016 self-employed people, who were granted the benefit in Spain, which amounts to 169 million euros.