Over 60% of autonomos in Canaries are back at work

2020/05/18 19:32:53 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

62.4% of self-employed people in the Canary Islands are already active again, according to a report published by the Association of Autonomous Workers (ATA), which shows that throughout Spain six out of ten self-employed, specifically 59.9%, have already returned to their activity after the 'stop' caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The study also highlights that, within this percentage, 22% of them have kept their businesses open since the first state of alarm was declared.

ATA highlights that Murcia, which is in phase 1, is the Community where the most self-employed have resumed their normal activity or never abandoned it, with 68.9% of active self-employed workers. They are followed by Navarra (66.9%), Galicia (63.1%) and the Canary Islands (62.4%).

The Community of Madrid, in its entirety in phase 0, is the region that the least self-employed are declared to be exercising their activity, with 51.8%, compared to 48.2% who have not yet been able to resume their business.

Those who are most self-employed and currently exercising their activity are:
Agriculture (88.9%),
Administrative activities (87.7%),
Industry (82.3%),
Transport (78.3%),
Health activities (76.6%),
Financial and insurance activities (76.5%),
Construction (72.2%),
Professional activities (70.7%),
Information and communication (70.1%).

However, on the opposite side, there are activities that are completely paralyzed, such as:
Hospitality 22.5%,
Artistic activities 24.2%,
Real Estate 39.7%.

Half of the commerce in Spain has opened its businesses, and 55.6% of its self-employed are those who assure that they have returned to activity according to ATA.

Education has been the hardest hit sector and is still unable to return to business. Of this sector, only 13.5% of the self-employed claim that they have resumed their activity, meaning that almost 9 out of 10 freelancers in the education sector throughout Spain have not yet been able to return to work.