Pedro Sánchez says There are no arguments to support the British quarantine

2020/07/30 08:23:19 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Prime Minister sent a message of support to the Islands, assuring that the Executive is working "incessantly" so that the United Kingdom "reviews this decision", after reservations drop until winter.

"There is no reason or argument to support, from a scientific point of view, the quarantine of British tourists."
This is what the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, said yesterday before the Congress of Deputies, on the UK's quarantine and non-essential travel advice regarding Spain and the islands.

The decisions made by the Boris Johnson Administration have caused a dark cloud to loom over the Islands' economic lung, tourism, on which 40% of jobs and 35% of the island's GDP depend, which already fears for its survival after experiencing, just hours after the announcement, cancellations of reservations both by British travellers (70%) and other countries in the European market.

But such a huge reaction affects not only companies in the Archipelago, but also airlines and tour operators, which is why several major players in the sector have asked Johnson to reconsider, and meet with them, in order to “analyze the challenges” that they will have to face in the coming weeks and months.

Among the fifty applicants for a meeting with Johnson to find a solution to the massive suspension of flights, the chief executive officer of British Airways, Alex Cruz; Airlines UK CEO Tim Alderslade, and London Heathrow Airport Director John Holland-Kaye. But the concern goes beyond economic and business interests, since thousands of Canarian families are in danger of their future; based on which the Autonomous Community built its future.

There is fear of the closure of hotels that have survived months of confinement and decided to open again, or even that some of them do not reopen their doors; and they become another victim of the global health crisis.

The regional government trusts the steps being taken by the central executive, with Sánchez, the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the head of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González-Laya, at the helm.

In his appearance before the Legislative Chamber, President Sánchez maintained that from the state administration “we are working incessantly with the UK to see if we can get them to review this decision.
If you look at the epidemiological indicators, the cumulative incidence of the epidemic in certain territories, and in particular the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, there is no reason or argument that supports, from a scientific point of view, the quarantine of British tourists ”. For this reason, he assured that both archipelagos have "my support".