CC blames mayor for "regrettable" state of sports facilities in San Bartolomé

2020/07/20 07:11:45 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

"350,000 euros were invested in renovating the football pitch, but they have not bothered to maintain or irrigate it, which means it is now completely dry and broken, throwing away all the investment," criticizes David Rocío.

The Canary Coalition party (CC) in the San Bartolomé City Council, has once again denounced the "lamentable" state in which the municipal sports facilities are in. Facilities such as the football pitch, which they say "has been completely abandoned, without any maintenance since it was closed in March."

Spokesman David Rocío, said "we are waiting for the mayor, Alexis Tejera, to clarify if all this laziness is due to a lack of electricity, since there is no motor, after the supply seal suffered before the pandemic by the electric company, or is it simple disinterest of the City council."

"It is shameful that the different sports clubs continue to have problems with the main sports facilities, and what is clear is that the mayor cannot blame Covid-19 because this comes from before the pandemic," continued the councillor.

As well as the soccer field, CC points out that the wrestling ground, the tennis courts, the petanque club, as well as the cultural groups that use the facilities of the Casa del Deporte, are also added.

"All of them suffer the consequences of the lack of maintenance and works, among them, a completely rusted municipal gymnasium, where just a few days ago the firefighters had to intervene in the presence of some sheets that were about to fall of the roof" adds David Rocío, who continues to point out the mayor as "sole culprit" for this situation.

“We are not going to forget that it was he who refused at the time to approve a motion by the opposition to improve the aforementioned electrical installation and who, although he announced in January that the replacement of the obsolete luminaires of the Municipal Sports Center, everything remains the same or worse", he concludes.