Sánchez announces a plan of 4.25 billion euros to revive tourism

2020/06/18 17:12:19 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The tourism sector will receive 4.25 billion euros to alleviate the situation of thousands of companies that have seen their activity paralyzed since March, and whose prospects in the high season are not very positive.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented this on Thursday at an event in La Moncloa called the Reactivation Plan of the Tourism Sector, highlighting that it is an area of ​​"social and territorial structuring," and projects the external image and the "fantastic reputation of our country.”

He continued “This is a great country that has great attributes and attractions. Tourism is a strategic sector. Due to its importance, in the external image and reputation of our country, it is part of our way of life. I am convinced that many will return to our country. It also affects the lives of a large number of compatriots who depend directly or indirectly on the sector. In addition, Spanish citizens enjoy our nature, cultural tourism, monumental tourism, all the rich options that Spain offers.”

“In addition to the Erte, which is a mechanism that has helped avoid unemployment, we have also activated ICO lines for 83,000 companies with an amount of 10.5 billion euros. In addition, more than 147,000 companies have entered the Erte. All these types of initiatives must continue, but it is time to go one step further with this plan to reactivate tourism," Sánchez said before listing the new measures in the plan for the sector.

The plan has five major areas that it covers:

  1. Build trust as a safe destination:
    “Everyone must commit to hygiene measures, so this reason, we will create a sign, an identity for all the facilities that are committed to the measures," said Sánchez.
  1. An investment of 2.5 billion euros to support companies:
    “There will also be a moratorium on transport establishments and bus companies, plus landing rates at Spanish airports will also be reduced”.
  1. 800 million euros to improve the competitiveness of the tourism sector:
    "To promote sustainability and digitization of the tourism sector to bring it right up to date," said Sánchez.
  1. Creation of a tourist intelligence observatory:
    "This to have data in real time to contemplate different tourist scenarios."
  1. Marketing and advertising tools for promotion:
    "For both national and international tourism to strengthen the Spain brand as a safe, sustainable and quality destination," he explained.


More in-depth information will follow as further details of the plan are revealed in parliament.