Police find 1,200kg of cocaine hidden in sacks of grain on boat from Brazil

2020/10/30 15:02:42 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

More than 1,200 kilograms of cocaine has been intervened by the National Police, the Guardia Civil and the Tax Agency, hidden in a boat loaded with grain from Brazil. The cocaine was hidden among almost 3,500 tons of grain that was being transported on a ship bound for Cádiz and stopped over in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The ship, UNISPIRIT from Brazil, was intercepted just 50 nautical miles from the island of Gran Canaria, and escorted to the Las Palmas port, while an inspection was carried out by agents of the Customs Surveillance, looking for cocaine hidden between bags of grain.

Two weeks earlier, the ship had been previously inspected in the Port of Sao Sebastiao (Brazil) by the Receita Federal and the Federal Police of Brazil, while they loaded 4,000 tons of grain to transport to Cádiz in the south of Spain. On that occasion 1,524 kilos of cocaine hidden inside 15 container bags loaded with approximately 100 kilograms of cocaine each were found in various packages.

At the beginning of the month the ship continued on its route to Spain, planning to make a stop at the port of Las Palmas before arriving in Cádiz. However, there were suspicions that there were still drugs hidden inside. The Brazilian Federal Police notified the Spanish Security Forces that the ship had left under strange circumstances, without the inspection being finished in Brazil. For this reason, he asked the Spanish authorities that the cargo be re-examined when it arrived here.

Following this, a joint operation was launched to verify it and the ship UNISPIRIT was intercepted and escorted by the National Police and Customs Surveillance agents to Las Palmas. In this second inspection, carried out between October 16th and 21st, Spanish agents found twelve new bags of contaminated grain, with a total of 1,210 kilos of cocaine in them, each bag containing approximately 100 kilograms of the drug distributed in several packages.