No more plastic gloves in Mercadona when you go shopping!

2020/07/14 09:14:24 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Mercadona has freed its customers from wearing gloves. Plastic glove dispensers have disappeared from the entrances to their supermarkets, something that many customers have appreciated for how uncomfortable they are.

When the state of alarm was decreed due to the coronavirus crisis, many supermarkets, including Mercadona, forced their customers to put on plastic gloves, or even bags on their hands in some cases, to prevent the spread of the virus despite the discomfort of walking around with sweaty hands for the duration of their shopping trip.
This has been the case for several months, but now it is has been changed.

Mercadona took to Twitter to clarify the reason for this new measure, saying that it is mainly for two reasons:

Firstly, for environmental reasons. With this measure Mercadona intends to avoid an increase in plastic waste.
It should be remembered that the use of single-use gloves and masks has generated a great number of criticisms from environmental organizations, and in fact, it is not difficult to find this waste already in the sea.

The second is a health issue. According to the little that is known about this new virus, everything indicates that the use of gloves is not necessary, but experts do continue to recommend washing and disinfecting hands regularly.