Canary Islands shows the NHS the advantages of the Radar Covid app

2020/08/12 09:14:46 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Ministry of Health of Spain and the NHS in the United Kingdom are studying together, with the Canary Government, the results of the Radar Covid contact tracing app, which was successfully tested in La Gomera and is available for download now in the Canary Islands, for detecting positive contacts of coronavirus.

Yesterday (Tuesday) a bilateral meeting was held between the two countries, to discuss the advantages of this type of app in containing the pandemic.

"British officials were interested in the results of the pilot test of this tool that took place in La Gomera, and that included the simulation of four waves of fictitious outbreaks of Covid-19," said the Ministry of Health in a press release.

The Canary Islands Government, through the Departments of Health and Public Administrations, Justice and Security, participated in the pilot test and in the development of the app, led by the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence and by the Ministry of Health.

In this simulation, the app was downloaded by 3,200 people in San Sebastián de la Gomera, and it was showed that Radar Covid detects 6.4 close contacts for each positive.

Currently, more than 500,000 people have downloaded the application. The Canary Islands Government "hopes that an application of this type will be launched in the United Kingdom, as it would help to control the circulation of the virus in a country with very close ties with the archipelago."