Sanchez says we will reach 'new normal' on June 21st

2020/05/31 14:03:08 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Prime Minister will request a sixth and final extension of the state of alarm, as he says he has gathered enough support for it, and announces that some Autonomous Communities may lift it in their region before the 'new normal' on June 21st.

Pedro Sánchez has informed the regional presidents today (Sunday), that this week he is going to request the sixth and last extension of the state of alarm for another 15 days, until June 21st, and that this will grant the Communities "Absolute governance" during phase 3. Among other things, they will be able to manage the times of de-escalation, and ask the Government to raise the alarm status of their territory before June 21st.

He informed the regional presidents this during, what was, the twelfth videoconference that he has held with the regional leaders since the state of alarm began, and in which he confirmed that he already has the necessary support for the extension, thanks to agreements with ERC and PNV, that it will be the last, for another 15 days, until June 21st.

For this reason, the Prime Minister has suggested that as of June 21st, Spain will enter the so-called "new normal", and thus has transmitted this information to the territories.
However, already from before, from phase 3 - the last phase of the de-escalation plan to which the autonomous communities that fulfill the requirements will be able to access from June 8th - it will be the regional presidents, who will have complete authority from that time. They will have the capacity to manage the times of phases, "and even ask the government to lift the state of alarm from their region."

Sanchez continued by saying it is feasible that "practically all" of Spain will be in phase 3 as of June 8th, except for the Community of Madrid, some territory of Catalonia, such as the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​and some areas of Castilla y León (CyL).

The Prime Minister says the government has already guaranteed the necessary support to carry out this latest extension, after sealing agreements with the ERC and PNV.
The Republicans have agreed to abstain in the vote that will take place on Wednesday in Congress, after the Government accepted that Catalonia and the rest of the CCAA participate in the management of European reconstruction funds to face the pandemic.

For their part, the Basque nationalists will vote in favour after reaching an agreement with the Executive, that the autonomous presidents are the ones who manage the measures to be adopted in phase 3 of de-escalation, as well as those who can propose to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, "according to sanitary and epidemiological criteria", entry in to the so-called "new normal".

This twelfth meeting took place in the midst of a de-escalation process, of which 70% of the country's population will be in phase 2 from this Monday, and four islands will be in phase 3, the stage prior to the so-called “new normal."
Meanwhile, another 15 million Spaniards, mainly the community of Madrid, Barcelona, and Castilla y León, will continue in phase 1.