Historic vote of no confidence sees change of mayor in Santa Cruz

2020/07/13 21:51:51 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

CC regains power in Santa Cruz as José Miguel Bermúdez is the mayor again, after the motion of no-confidence that was presented by his party with the support of the PP and the councillor expelled from Ciudadanos, Evelyn Alonso, prospered.

Patricia Hernández was visibly very upset by the political manoeuvre carried out by the Nationalist Party, and the, what she called “treason”, carried out by the councillor now not attached to her previous party, Ciudadanos.

Today's was a historic plenary session for the Santa Cruz Consistory, as was the one that appointed the socialist Hernández mayor in the fiirst place, after decades of power of the Canary Coalition just over a year ago.
But this time, the script has been totally fictional, with pacts, betrayals and clandestine meetings, in search of the mayor's baton.

In addition, the circumstances have caused the plenary to be held with a capacity practically reduced to a minimum by the rules of social distancing and, in turn, with a City Council fully armored by members of the National Police and Local Police who isolated to the building because of protesters.

The Hernández era ends in the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife before the ambition of the CC, and the desire for power of the PP, with an exceptional witness, Evelyn Alonso, who will go down in history as the first unaffiliated councillor of the Consistory of the Tenerife capital.