First four public charging points for electric cars in Arrecife

2020/05/26 09:35:16 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

In the second half of this year Arrecife will have their first four public points for recharging electric vehicles, after the City Council has given them the green light with an investment of close to 60,000 euros.

The Contracting table of the Arrecife Council announced that the company Socassat Instalaciones y Servicios SL has been awarded the tender, which the Department of Roads and Works, will be responsible for monitoring and executing.

The four new charging points, the first to be accessed by the public in the capital of Lanzarote, are to be completed in four months.

The Government group led by mayor Astrid Pérez, has been actively implementing systems linked to less CO2 emissions, and is in the process of awarding eight electric vehicles to the Municipal Mobile Park.

Recently, the Arrecife City Council signed an agreement with the Cabildo for the implementation of alternative energy systems in Arrecife, and work on the energy efficiency of the public lighting network, incorporating where viable, new photovoltaic power plants in municipal public buildings, such as the one that is already installed on the roof of the Arrecife Town Hall building.

Roberto Herbón, who recently visited one of the places where one of these four charging points will be, with the mayor Astrid Pérez, has reported that the locations for these facilities will be in Titerroy, next to the Youth Centre and the Health Centre; in Valterra, in the annexes of the Health Centre, and in the centre of Arrecife, in the vicinity of the main building of the Arrecife City Council, and in the building that will house the new headquarters of the Arrecife Local Police, in the original offices of the Arrecife Courts, in Vargas street.