One of the most wanted fugitives in the UK is arrested in Adeje

2020/10/07 14:55:44 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

According to the Ministry del Interior, a British man wanted in the United Kingdom with an international arrest warrant for attempted murder, GBH, and armed robbery, has been arrested in San Eugenio in Adeje today, after being spotted in a car in the south of Tenerife.

Police in the UK have been keeping a look out for his man since Summer 2016 when he was stopped by officers driving a car whilst inhaling nitrous oxide. But when asked to get out of the car he fled recklessly driving at high speed through local residential areas.

As indicated in a statement about that incident, when police did catch up with him, the now detainee smashed into several vehicles, including a police car, and when he got out of the vehicle a chase began on foot, causing injuries to two agents, and he escaped. In addition, the investigation showed that the vehicle he was driving was listed as stolen, and had false number plates.

In October 2019, the same man was involved in a fight in a pub, in which he attacked the victims with an iron bar before getting into another stolen vehicle and driving off. During the escape with this vehicle he entered a very crowded pedestrian zone and ran two people over, causing them numerous serious injuries.

To avoid his arrest for all of these previous events, he fled the United Kingdom using a passport with a false identity, according to the statement, with the authorities thinking he had gone to somewhere in Spain.

The investigations that led to his arrest in Adeje began in July, when the National Crime Agency alerted the National Police that the man could be in Spanish territory, and reported that he was one of the most wanted fugitives in the UK appearing on Crimestoppers Most Wanted list.

The arrest today took place at the exit of Puerto de Colón in Adeje, in the tourist area of ​​Playa de las Américas, where he was intercepted in a moving vehicle. The man was taken to the National Police station in Las Americas, and paperwork will be processed with the UK for his deportation.