Moroccan authorities stop boat destined for the Canaries with 37 infected people on board

2020/06/22 09:23:13 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Moroccan authorities intercepted a boat on Sunday with 50 sub-Saharan emigrants on board, bound for the Canary Islands, and detected that 37 of them are infected with coronavirus.

They stopped them just off a beach in the city of Tarfaya, 100km north of El Aaiún, the capital of Western Sahara.

The Saharawi organization, Equipe Media, said that the number of people who tested positive for the virus is provisional, and that Moroccan health authorities are awaiting the results of the tests of the rest of the occupants of the boat.

The Moroccan Ministry of Health also announced that the El Aaiún-Saguía el Hamra region has registered 37 positive cases of coronavirus, without giving further explanations.

Yesterday, eleven of 31 immigrants rescued on Thursday in Fuertenventura, when they were heading to the island in an inflatable boat from El Aaiún tested positive for coronavirus, and on June 14th, the Spanish Maritime Rescue service rescued 39 emigrants when they were trying to reach the coast of that same island in a boat, having left El Aaiún twenty-four hours earlier, and 14 of them tested positive for the virus.