New test centre on Santa Cruz dock to help contain the virus

2020/10/18 11:07:01 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Port Authority has installed a large tent in the Santa Cruz fishing dock to conduct Covid tests on motorists, without them having to get out of their car.

The incidence of the second wave of the pandemic continues to increase in Tenerife, which is why it continues with a red traffic light until next week, and according to the new criteria of the Ministry of Health, it could enter be classed as a “high risk” or even “extreme risk” as the number of cases is increasing.

Tenerife has had over 500 new cases in the last week, whereas numbers are decreasing in all the other islands, and only yesterday 5 people lost their live on the island due to Covid-19, and the IA7 is still over 50.

Active cases are now over 3,000 and Tenerife will have more than Gran Canaria in the next few days, who have managed to control the virus’ spread and are seeing numbers decrease rapidly.

The ministry of Health is hoping that the new test centre will target residents in Santa Cruz as that is the focus of the problem in Tenerife, followed by La Laguna.