Mogán fire has been stabilised quickly due to firefighters quick response

2020/07/14 23:48:18 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

Firefighters from the Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium and from Puerto Rico, are currently fighting a blaze in the El Draguillo area in the municipality of Mogán.

The extent of the damage or size of area affected is yet to be determined, but the speed of the firemen has slowed it spreading, and they are saying it is stabilized only an hour and a half after its start, even it had several nuclei.

The fire was declared just after 9.10pm tonight (Tuesday) in a forest area, mainly in the undergrowth near the GC-200 highway that connects the municipalities of Mogán and La Aldea de San Nicólas.
The fire, with several sources, was visible from the houses in the El Draguillo area, and Firefighters from the Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium, Puerto Rico, and members of the Mogán Local Police and the Guardia Civil were quickly mobilized.

The troops only took a few minutes to reach the area, which has made it possible to prevent its rapid spread, and an hour and a half later, the fire affecting a scrubland area has been considered stabilized, still to be fully extinguished.

Firefighters are remaining in the area, refreshing the area and keeping it stabilized.
At the moment the total affected area is unknown.