Ministry of Health releases new data showing Covid risk in all regions of Spain

2020/10/16 16:20:45 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Ministry of Health in Spain, is outlining its Early Response Plan to the Covid-19 pandemic, and there is not a single autonomous community without one of these indicators at risk, from low to extreme, at least those that the department, directed by Salvador Illa, gives data for on a daily basis.

The plan, which seeks to standardize the taking of measures in the different regions in municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants and which is in the draft phase, has 8 indicators:
- The cumulative incidence rate, or AI, every 7 days (cases per 100,000 inhabitants in that period).
- The AI ​​every 14 days.
- The AI ​​every 7 and 14 days in people over 65 years of age.
- The positivity rate of the tests.
- The percentage of cases with traceability.
- The percentage of occupancy of hospital beds and ICU beds.

Neither AI in people over 65 years of age, nor traceability, are data that the Ministry provides daily in its reports.
In these terms, the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León are the regions with the worst records, with four of the five known indicators at extreme risk:

Regarding the indicators proposed by the Ministry of Health, whose particular assessment must be agreed with the different ministries in the autonomous regions, their scales are the following: