Ministry of Health reduces isolation from 14 to 10 days in Spain

2020/09/23 09:59:48 Written by Canarian Weekly National

There is a scientific consensus and there is an agreement between the autonomous communities: Isolation can be reduced from 14 to 10 days for close contacts of people with Covid, without the need for them to have to take a test, because it is practically impossible for an individual who has not developed symptoms after 10 days to be infected, according to the experience we have gained about coronavirus.

The agreement to reduce this period of isolation came last night (Tuesday) from the Public Health Commission between the autonomous communities and the Government, where all the regions agreed to make this change effective, as explained by Salvador Illa after the Council of Ministers. 

The head of the Ministry of Health said that in the existing protocols the quarantine of positive cases could already be reduced to 10 days, as long as in the last three days there have been no symptoms. However, until now, the close contacts of the positives had to be in isolation for 10 days, until on the tenth day a PCR test confirmed them to be negative.

The approval of the Ministry to reduce the length of confinement, came only hours after the Generalitat, the Catalan Government, on its own agreed to shorten them. The Catalan Secretary General of Public Health, Josep Maria Argimon, explained that the Government had had the proposal for several days but was waiting to receive the approval of the Spanish and community authorities.

Argimon has said that the reduction will be applied from next week and pointed out that they have carried out a round of consultations with experts, and although not all have given their approval and recognizing that 14 days is the most convenient period from the health point of view, he pointed out that other social and economic criteria must also be taken into account, and that the risk when passing from 14 to 10 days is "controllable."

The protocol change is now across the board. 
The isolation of a person who has the infection will be 10 days, as will the close contact quarantine of each infected person, also be 10 days. "We are not doing anything that is not done in other countries," he said, before giving the example of Switzerland or New Zealand. And, in the case of France, he pointed out that the deadline is seven days."We will evaluate the result of this change in the protocol and if it is necessary to take a step back, we will do so," he warned.