The Minister of Health says that an agreement to test tourists is close

2020/07/28 16:12:20 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The Minister of Health of the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo, has announced today (Tuesday), that an agreement with the central government is close "for us to be able to test tourists for coronavirus" which is an ongoing request by the regional government.

Trujillo stressed that other countries such as the Czech Republic or Austria "have been putting these measures in place", and stressed that for the Canary Islands they are a "necessary element" to add to the current measures to enforce us as a safe destination.

He said today that “it is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you that after our last meetings with the central Ministry of Health, we have reached, in principle, a methodology that has been submitted by our autonomous community for evaluation," he explained.


Trujillo specified that he is "in an optimistic position when he sees that there is receptivity on the part of the ministry to these approaches," and stressed that "it is not yet achieved, but it is at the point of being able to achieve it."

The councillor says that a "big step" has been taken in recent meetings, and although he understood the concern shown by the PP during the parliamentary question time, he asked the Partido Popular to be more careful with the vocabulary they used, when referring to the situation of Canary Islands, which "is neither serious, nor very serious.”

"Our situation is not very serious at all, they are almost 3 times worse than us in the UK," said the councillor in relation to the controversy over the obligation imposed by the British Government for 14-day quarantine when returning from Spain.

Thus, Trujillo asked the PP to be "consistent when analyzing the epidemiological situation in the Canary Islands.”