Mena reiterates his desire to continue as the mayor of Arona

2020/07/15 14:01:38 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

"The mayor has thanked Luis García for his resignation and says that it could be key to finding an amicable solution"

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, reiterated today his intention not to leave office, as his party, the PSOE, has asked him to do, and he is convinced that he can reverse this decision, by exhausting “all internal and external avenues." He insisted on trying to redirect the crisis in his government group saying "We are not a gang, we are women and men committed to Arona."

Mena was grateful to Luis Garcia for his resignation, hoping that it could be "key" to finding stability and an amicable solution. Regarding his dismissal of the Urban Planning councillor, he said that "no mayor who governs with an absolute majority would cause a crisis without just cause."

In his opinion, "behind all this there is a campaign by some businessmen from Arona with very ulterior motives, who are seeking a government that is docile to their interests, a campaign to which some media outlets have lent themselves."
Regarding the possible opening of a disciplinary file from his party, he stated that he is confident that it will not occur. "I hope to continue to govern with my colleagues," he stressed.
Finally, he apologized to the people of Arona for the "embarrassing show, which is more glamourised by the media than real."

Luis Garcia finally accepted the PSOE's orders and resigned on Tuesday, saying: "I want to clarify that this is a tough personal decision, but I take it fully conscious to be loyal to myself, my party and my socialist values, which are none other than the defense of the general interests of Arona and its residents. I hope that the City Council returns to institutional normality that the municipality needs, as soon as possible."