Granadilla closes El Médano beach due to E.Coli contamination

2020/09/16 09:23:58 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Granadilla council has provisionally closed the main beach in El Médano after detecting "a small rate of contamination by E.Coli". The area in which bathing is prohibited includes the strip from Playa Chica to the central beach.

Today, the Sanitary Inspection Service will carry out a new test in the area, and the results are expected to be ready in the next couple of days. The municipal government said yesterday that it hopes to lift the ban as soon as it knows the results of the analysis.

The local authorities assure that the results of the analysis carried out on Monday "were optimal and the parameters obtained complied with the recommended limits." However, the detection of the contamination that has caused the provisional closure of the beach, as a result of the bacterium Eschericha Coli (E.Coli), occurs after the submission of the results of the routine analysis carried out yesterday by the Sanitary Inspection Service.

The City Council of Granadilla decided to close these bathing areas as a precautionary measure, "and in order to guarantee adequate levels of security for the population, pending the results of the analysis that is being carried out by the Public Health Inspection Services."

Regarding the causes, the municipal government announced yesterday that "the events are also being investigated by the local administration." In their official statement, the authorities showed some surprise at the situation, since the area has registered a notable decrease in the number of bathers in September, with respect to the occupation that it maintained in summer, a period in which "the index never exceeded the permitted level". That level is 200 cfu (colony-forming units), a figure that this time is 330 cfu per 100 millilitres.