2020/05/21 08:33:32 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Starting today, the use of any type of mask is mandatory on public roads/streets, in outdoor spaces, and in any closed area for public use, or that is open whenever it is not possible to maintain the safety distance of two metres.


- Children under 6 years old.

- People who present some type of respiratory difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of a mask.

-People in whom the use of a mask is contraindicated for duly justified health reasons, or who, due to their situation of disability or dependency, present behavioral changes that make their use unfeasible.

- Doing activities in which, by their very nature, the use of the mask is incompatible, such as eating, drinking or doing a high-effort sport, swimming.
In this sense, the important thing is to carry it in your pocket and use it once it is finished at times when you cannot keep your physical distance.
Nor shall it be used in "circumstances in which there is a cause of force majeure or a situation of need".

The order states that the use of any type of mask is mandatory, although it is preferable to use hygienic and surgical ones.
In the first few days, the Security Forces and Corps will enhance the pedagogical function, this means, they are able to arrest those who do not wear a mask on the street.
If the breach occurs in closed spaces for public use, it will be required for them to leave said space.
Failure to comply is considered a serious offense, with fines ranging from 601 to 30,000 euros.