Canaries Government says that rules for masks need updating and clarifying

2020/07/31 08:37:38 Written by Canarian Weekly National

The spokesman of the Canary Islands Government, Julio Pérez, announced yesterday that the regional Government plans to make "necessary changes" to the rules that govern the use of masks, and admits that some of these are "in situations where right now they're not required."

Pérez revealed this, after stressing in the press conference after the Governing Council, that masks in the Canary Islands "are mandatory when the safety distance is not met", admitting that "the bad thing is when people get together in crowds."
This, he pointed out, is a question that the government will discuss in depth on Monday after a proposal from the Ministry of Health.

“It is possible that in some situations, where at the moment, masks are not required, it needs to be established, but this does not necessarily mean in all open places. What we do have to do is find a way to control it at large gatherings, and at family parties," he said.

Pérez stressed that "compliance with the regulations" is mainly concerned in closed spaces "where hygiene standards are least met, and capacities ignored, " since in open spaces it considered that in general, rules are followed.

Because of this they want to "improve" the rules and, if possible, simplify them to make them "clearer, more eligible and controllable", also so that the police have "more ease" to enforce them.

"Young people, families, closed rooms, this are the areas that worry us a lot, more than going outside and seeing that out of 100 people, 4 aren't wearing a mask," he added.

Finally, he confirmed that they have received "many complaints" regarding bars that aren't complying with the regulations in place.