Man threatens hospital staff with a knife in psychiatric ward in Las Palmas

2020/07/08 13:27:54 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A 35-year-old man has been arrested this morning at a Las Palmas hospital, after accessing the psychiatric ward and threatening staff with a knife demanding medication.

Events were triggered after 091 received an emergency call from staff at the hospital, saying there was a man brandishing a knife, and hospital security staff and the National Police rushed to the scene.

According to the workers at the centre, the man had accessed the psychiatric area, knife in hand, demanding that a large quantity of medications be given to him.

Three security guards managed to corner him in one of the consultation booths, where he was finally reduced and held down until the arrival of the police.

The National Police officers him and confiscated a 15-centimeter knife as evidence, and after the corresponding police report was filed, he was forwarded to the competent Judicial Authority