Flight passenger from Germany refused entry to Gran Canaria

2020/05/27 12:04:59 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

A passenger on a flight from Germany was refused entry to Gran Canaria, and forced to return home for not justifying his trip.

During a police control at the Gando airport, the National Police verified that the Croatian traveller lacked the correct documentation to prove his reason for entering Spain, which is restricted by the pandemic.

The man was on a flight from Frankfurt (Germany), and had no documents to prove he is a resident of the Islands, so was sent back on a later flight after being quarantined at the airport.

Due to restrictions because of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, entry into Spain is prohibited except for citizens "who are going to their place of residence", people who have a long-term visa issued by one of the member states from the EU, cross-border workers, health personnel, or workers engaged in the transport of goods, diplomatic personnel and persons accrediting a personal reason for force majeure.

The state government has announced that from July 1st quarantine will be lifted and tourists will be allowed to enter Spain, and in any case, when the state of alarm ends, restrictions on international flights will be lifted, although with sanitary controls to prevent coronavirus infections.