Man found dead in motor-home in Las Galletas in Tenerife

2020/10/07 15:37:32 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The body of a man has been found this afternoon, inside a motor caravan parked on Avenida Príncipe Felipe in Las Galletas in Arona, south Tenerife, after neighbours and friends reported that, for several days, the man had not been seen around the area.

The 112 emergency services call centre received a call alerting to the situation, so the necessary resources were quickly activated. Firefighters, the Arona Local Police and a Guardia Civil patrol unit went to the place that they had been told his van was parked.

After accessing the interior of the vehicle, they found the man's lifeless body, of which no further data has been disclosed at this time. The first hypotheses considered by the security forces, suggest that it is not death by violent cause, or suspicious circumstances, but a police investigation has been opened awaiting the coroners reports to confirm the cause of death.

More to follow…