2020/06/27 08:33:16 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has shown the unanimous support of the Canarian Government for the extension of the ERTE until the end of September, which was approved on Friday in the Council of Ministers.

Torres was also pleased that an additional and specific provision has been incorporated into it, so that the Canary Islands has the ability to extend the temporary employment regulation files again, until 2021.

He thanked the central government for "taking into account the particularities of the archipelago in its position as an outermost region, for what may occur from September, and taking into account that the ERTE has a special affection for the Canary Islands because our dependence on sectors that take longer to start economically, such as tourism and sectors linked to hospitality and commerce, which makes us the autonomous community that most objectively needed the approval of this extension.”

The Canary Island president also pointed out that the Council of Ministers incorporated a final additional provision for the Canary Islands, to regulate its air traffic in exceptional situations as of September 30th.
"In view of the remote and insular conditions that make the Canary Islands the outermost region of the EU, the Government
will take into account its particularities until the resumption of international air traffic," Torres said.