Las Galletas restaurants fined 3,500 euros for not closing terrace at 10pm

2020/07/05 12:15:01 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

Owners of restaurants in Las Galletas are defenseless against fines of 3,500 euros for not closing their terraces at 10pm.

"We have been hungry for four months and now they are forcing us to kick our customers out when they are dining," says one of the restaurateurs, even though the City Council understands that the hours must be extended, and is working for a new ordinance.

In September it will be a year since they informed the Arona Council of their helplessness in the face of, what they consider, a comparative grievance with other restaurants with terraces in Arona, having to close at 10pm.

Restaurateurs of Las Galletas, and specifically of the pedestrian street Cándida Peña Bello, have once again voiced their complaints about the "police harassment" to which they are subjected, "now that we are sticking our heads out" after "four months of being closed”, says Julio, from Macao, who gives a very graphic example: "Many of our clients are up late on the beach and they like to have dinner after nine o'clock at night, and while they are eating it we have to lift the blinds and pack away the terraces, and that only happens on this street and not in all restaurants," he said.

A restaurant and pizzeria has been fined 3,500 euros each for keeping their terraces open after 10pm, which is the required closing time by the municipal ordinance for those, as in this case, whos terraces are on public land.

The restaurant owner blames a neighbour who continually calls the Police, and they are surprised that only two premises have been fined, while from the Consistory, they have said again that they are going to change the ordinance, to extend the hours of use which they understand is "very limited".