La Palma and Lanzarote hospitals are now free of Covid-19 patients

2020/06/23 19:27:35 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

There are still 7 active patients in La Palma who continue their treatment at home, and the Lanzarote hospital is also now free of coronavirus cases.

The Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, in Lanzarote, and the General Hospital of La Palma have been declared free of coronavirus this morning (Tuesday), after they both discharged their last patients who were on wards due to COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health reports that Benjamín, a 64-year-old patient who was admitted to the Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa three months ago today, infected by COVID-19, was discharged from the hospital this morning to complete his recovery at home.

As he left, all the health personnel who had treated him during his stay, both in the Intensive Care Unit where he spent 59 days, and in the wards, attended to wish him well.

"You have been extremely kind, you have taken care of me in an exquisite way; thank you for your treatment and affection with which you have shown and spoken to me every day during this" he said in his farewell from the Lanzarote hospital.

Duting the pandemic, Lanzarote has had a total of 85 cases of coronavirus, of which six people died, and La Palma has had 107 cases and seven deaths have been recorded. Currently, there are 7 active patients who continue their treatment at home.