15 Lanzarote hotels postpone their reopening due to UK quarantine

2020/08/06 08:05:49 Written by Canarian Weekly Lanzarote

Fifteen of the 20 Lanzarote hotels that were planning to reopen their doors during the month of August, have decided to wait and postpone their opening, following the quarantine imposed by the United Kingdom on passengers from Spain.

"Of the 20 establishments that, as of July 31st, were scheduled to open in August, there are now only five with the rest postponing their opening until September or October," revealed the president of the Association of Insular of Hotel and Apartment Entrepreneurs of Lanzarote (Asolan), Susana Pérez, who has also confirmed that the decision of the British Government has caused workers from establishments that had reopened to return to the ERTE.

In fact, the tourist association fears that some of the accommodations that opened in July, will close again. "There is one in Playa Blanca, which opened three weeks ago or thereabouts, which has planned to close," Asolan vice president Francisco Martínez said.

Pérez als explained that at the end of July there were already 70 establishments in operation, of which only around a dozen are large hotels. This represents around 40% of the total tourist accommodation on the island since, although Asolan has 140 associates, it estimates there are around 180 existing accommodation establishments in Lanzarote. However, their occupancy during the past month is estimated to have "not exceeded 20%".

"They started with 20 or 30% occupancy, with a forecast of reaching 40 or 50 by the end of July, but that dropped drastically," said Susana Pérez, noting that "the situation is changing every day" and at the moment they don't even have a forecast for the coming months.

What she is clear about is that if the British Government does not back down on its decision, there will be a "slump" and that the summer will be "absolutely lost", remembering that the UK market represents 50% of the tourists who come to the island.