2020/07/05 10:54:23 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

The Guardia Civil have notified a hundred people of the eviction order, meaning that they must abandon the huts, caves and shacks they are staying in, in the cove of Diego Hernández.

After numerous complaints from environmental associations, the Tenerife Cabildo decreed a month ago an action to evict a hundred people, who regularly occupy the natural area of ​​the Diego Hernández beach, in La Caleta, Adeje.

On Thursday, members of the Seprona department of the Guardia Civil, went to the beach to serve the eviction notice to all the 'squatters', which says they have two weeks to remove the shacks, tents, and huts, and leave the caves where they have been staying, in some cases for several years.
Many of them have come from Eastern Europe, after seeing a video on social networks inviting people to come to “paradise”, and there's even a terrace bar called El Mojito, which is advertised on travel websites, in where it also offers 'booth rentals' for holiday stays.

Although there is no specific date for the eviction announced by the insular councillor of the Natural Environment, Carmen García, it is expected that it will take place at the end of this month, with enough time given to the 'residents' to abandon the area and leave it in its natural state, so as not to be fined.

The possibility has also arisen that in the event that they are required to do so for reasons of social emergency, they will give these people social housing.

Four years ago, a similar intervention took place in the same protected natural area, but the lack of surveillance and control led to the creation of a small town of cabins, huts and shacks in a short space of time.
Now, so that what happened then will not happen again, patrols will be established by the State's security forces, protecting the coastline in the future.

According to Minister García, "we are facing a problem of considerable dimensions, and from the Natural Environment Department, we are working to restore all that environment in accordance with its protection, we are sure that all institutions, starting with the City Council and The Government of the Canary Islands, will make every effort to ensure that environmental values ​​are respected and that these people can leave the area safely, and in a definitive way.”