Killjoy tries to stop Mogán boat party with video on social media

2020/07/06 17:07:29 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Guardia Civil intervened yesterday afternoon with a boat company in Puerto Mogán, after they had been warned about people’s behaviour on a boat party.

Agents inspected the boat and verified that the limited capacity had been respected, even though some people were not happy about it, and a video recorded from the dock side has caused controversy, by showing that the young people on board were not wearing masks.

In total the agents sanctioned five youths for not wearing masks, and another for disrespecting the authority of a police officer. 

The video was broadcast today by Canary Television, and was recorded by a man from land and away from the boat in question, and has been circulating on social media saying that no-one was complying with social distancing or had masks on, pointing out they were all crowded together.

The images were captured yesterday afternoon in Puerto de Mogán, from where the party boat usually departs. As confirmed by sources of the Guardia Civil, agents went to the dock to inspect the boat before departure to ensure that protocols were being followed. These same agents confirmed that the capacity limit had been respected, and were happy to let the trip continue.