The Canary Islands are ready to test tourists at hotel receptions

2020/10/21 08:02:32 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The Canary Islands will test tourists at hotel receptions and not at airports, according to the plan finalized by the Canary Islands Government and hoteliers, who are both ready to launch it shortly. Likewise, hotels will be freed up in the different islands to accommodate any visitors who test positive and must quarantine.

Given that testing is complicated in airport facilities due to objections from the EU, by virtue of current regulations that have not been revoked, and due to the demand of hoteliers for the tests to be applied as soon as possible as a guarantee of security for the issuing countries, the Canarian Government and the hotel employers' organizations have been studying different alternatives that are viable in the short term. For this, the most effective and practical solution is to carry out diagnostic tests at hotel receptions, on a mandatory basis, since they may be required as a requirement for the client's right of admission.

The Canary Islands has achieved its main epidemiological objective this week, being well below the limit of 50 cases of infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, required by countries like Germany, with which, predictably in the next few days they will lift travel restrictions which have been in force since the evolution of positives in the Archipelago.

Likewise, the Islands are preparing to receive Nordic tourism from this Saturday after the announcement by the main Scandinavian tour operator that they will once again fly to the Canary Islands with four weekly flights, one to Tenerife and three to Gran Canaria. Earlier in the month, TUI, the main German tour operator, also resumed its flights with the Islands.