Over 162,000 Infant and Primary school children start back today

2020/09/15 08:44:28 Written by Canarian Weekly National

After a lot of stress, a lot of uncertainty, and against the clock, most of the Canary Islands schools are finally ready for the return to classrooms of 162,675 Infant and Primary students, who today start, except in Lanzarote which will do so tomorrow, the most complex and uncertain school year in the archipelago, due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The lack of time to implement the security measures listed in the prevention protocols, has meant that most of the management teams of the centres are starting the beginning of the year with a feeling that borders on anguish.

Teachers have finished spacing desks, equipping the 'isolation room', a ventilated classroom where anyone from the centre will have to stay if symptoms of covid are detected, putting up the signage with all the security measures, the traffic directions in the corridors, or the reference spaces where the bubble groups must remain before entering class in a staggered manner were also ready.

However, the image of the Canary Islands today will be that of schoolchildren with their masks on, returning to the classroom six months after they closed on March 13th due to the pandemic.

According to data from the Ministry of Education, the course that starts today will have 49,022 Early Childhood Education students, 34,970 in public schools and 14,052 in subsidized and private schools, and 113,653 students in Primary, of which 82,695 will go to public centres. In total, the Canary Islands will have 334,900 students in non-university education.

Starting tomorrow, the ESO (92,055) and Bachillerato (32,998) students are expected to return to classrooms, but the Ministry has authorised the centres to make staggered presentations until Friday so that classes start for all students next Monday.

It should be remembered that the platform of directors of Secondary School unsuccessfully asked the Ministry to delay the start of the course due to the impossibility of having the centres prepared with all the security measures.

Yesterday the Ministry of Education recognized that two centers on the islands will not open their doors on the scheduled date, although they specified that "they are not closed." Specifically, a school, whose activity was to begin today, and a secondary school, which was to receive its students tomorrow.

They are the IES Barranco Las Lajas, in Tacoronte, and the CEIP Ángel Guimerá, in San Juan de la Rambla, both in Tenerife. In the first one, a teacher tested positive, which put into quarantine another 23 teachers with whom he had had contact. According to Education, except for the confirmed case, the rest were negative in the PCR test and are awaiting the results of the second. In both, teleworking is maintained.

In the other case, the infected person is in administration and services personnel (PAS), so fewer people have been affected.

In Gran Canaria, three positive cases had been detected among teachers, but the situation, as the Ministry of Education pointed out, is resolved because they did not have contact with anyone from the centre to which they are attached. These teachers have been replaced, so not to affect the beginning of classes.