Government confirms that boat immigrants have not spread the virus

2020/07/29 07:51:37 Written by Canarian Weekly National

Over 100 positives have been detected among people arriving by boats from west Africa, but those affected have been placed in isolation as soon as they arrived and have not infected anyone else in the Canary Islands.

The Minister of Justice and Security for the Canary Islands, Julio Pérez, said on Tuesday, that immigrants who have arrived on the islands by patera or similar boats, "have not infected anyone" once in the archipelago.

"Immigrants have not infected a single person, there is not one case of local contagion as a result of them", Pérez maintained during a parliamentary debate.

Pérez said that this is a consequence of good management and control by the Canary Islands Government, as more than 1,000 migrants have arrived during this period and have been tested, with just over 100 positives.

This situation, which has increased the number of active cases in the Canary Islands as far as the data shows, has not however resulted in any infections, since these people remain in isolation with strict security protocols until they test negative.
This is why the Ministry of Health say that they shouldn't be on the Canary Islands tally, as they cast an unfair reflection on how the virus is being controlled in the region.