Immigrants in Fuerteventura quarantined in 'La Nave De Queso'

2020/06/23 08:42:37 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The 70 immigrants from the last two boats that arrived in Fuerteventura, remain quarantined in a Cabildo building known as "La Nave del Queso" (The Cheese Warehouse), which has been fitted out with eight separate areas with their own washing facilities, to maintain separation into different groups during isolation.

The eight groups don't cross or interact with each other, and are separated by which boat they came in on, male and female, and positive and negative tested.

At the moment, Fuerteventura has 25 active cases of coronavirus, which all correspond to occupants of the last two boats intercepted on their way to the Island, 14 from Sunday June 14th, and 11 from last Thursday. Five are minors and the rest are adults.

The intention is that the 14-day quarantine required by the Ministry of Health, be spent in this facility for all people who come to Spain from outside of the EU, plus those who have tested positive in the PCR tests that, for weeks, the Canarian Ministry of Health has carried out on all people who have arrived by boat to the archipelago, must also remain in this area.