Two fined for illegally capturing more than 110 kilos of shellfish in Fuerteventura

2020/09/05 15:14:17 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The Fiscal and Border Patrol section (PAFIF) of the Guardia Civil in Fuerteventura, caught two people of Spanish nationality, aged 43 and 36, who are repeat offenders for the same offence, catching two prohibited species of shellfish while they are in the closed season.

The incident happened on Thursday at 10.30am, when the PAFIF, who are responsible for the prevention of smuggling and the wellbeing of protected species by controlling and preventing poaching, were patrolling the Agua Líquenes coastline of the town of Costa Calma, in the municipality of Pájara, when they saw a parked car with two men inside looking very suspicious in a rocky area by the sea.

After a quick inspection of the vehicle, the Guardia Civil found evidence of poaching as there was wet clothing and an empty carrycot, so they proceeded to look further, and by the rocks they found three sacks, two backpacks, two plastic bags and three baskets that that belonged to the men, and were full of shellfish.

In total the containers had 101kg of Perna mussels and 11kg of limpets that had just been caught, so the officers, seeing that they were still alive, immediately returned them to the sea.

Serious infringements, in the matter of shellfishing, include penalties with a fine of between 301 to 60,000 euros, leading to the confiscation of the products or goods obtained, and the equipment or tools used.

The capture of limpets is not allowed in Fuerteventura between July 1st and September 30th, and the capture of Canary Mussels is prohibited throughout the year from all coastlines of Fuerteventura, by the Order of July 16, 2004 (BOC No. 141 OF July 22, 2004) in which the closure of this species was established, due to it being close to being endangered in its permanence and future development.