Local Police break up illegal party in El Goro in Gran Canaria

2020/07/28 09:51:52 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

An underground party has been stopped by police at the abandoned air base of El Goro, where dozens of young people had gathered to celebrate a full-fledged, clandestine macro-party, without masks or other sanitary protection measures to prevent the spread of covid-19.

A call to 1-1-2 alerted the local police and allowed the event to be aborted, with the the National Police in charge of instructing the proceedings.

Agents identified and evicted those there immediately, and confiscated alcohol and some narcotic substances, without making any arrests.

Since the building is in ruins, it is classed as dangerous and lacks basic services and electricity, so the organizers had used two generators for the music equipment.

Among other things, they had mixing desks, computers and several speakers scattered throughout the complex.

The operation ended without detainees, although some of the participants showed some resistance to authority, and no minors were present.

The neighborhood complaint was received just before midday on Sunday and warned of the existence outside the premises of many cars.
These units, unused for years, are located at the foot of the GC-140 general highway, which connects the urban center of Telde with the El Goro neighborhood and the GC-1 at the height of the Air Base.
Thus, it was easy to detect from the street the presence of the vehicles and even of the participants in the party.

The poor condition in which these facilities are located, without doors or windows and with part of the pavement and roof damaged, with loose elements, is already in itself a risk for holding any event.

According to residents of the area, it is not the first time that these facilities have become the venue for large parties without permission. Nor is it the first to have been aborted in the municipality.

This is the first police action against this type of event of the postcovid era, that of the new normal. And it is part of the intensification of the control measures that the Canary Islands Government announced against these festivities.

In principle, the National Police will now investigate how the party was called and whether they charged for entry.
The amount of the fines that are set, will also depend on all this.