Human remains of a hiker found in a ravine in the Fuerteventura

2020/11/18 14:57:10 Written by Canarian Weekly Fuerteventura

The Helicopter Unit (UHEL) in Fuerteventura and the Special Mountain Intervention Rescue Team (GREIM) based in Tenerife, have recovered and removed the human remains of a hiker, which were found on Monday by a local resident in the Pico de La Zarza area of the Jandia Natural Park in Fuerteventura.

The remains have been guarded until now, as the team from Tenerife had to travel to the island to assist in the specialist removal of the remains, which were in a very difficult place to recover from due to the steepness of the rock faces, and poor accessibility of the ravine where they were found.

On Monday the Guardia Civil of Morro Jable were informed of the discovery by a goat herder in the area, of what appeared to be a person in the ravine, due to their clothing, with a backpack on. Immediately, the Guardia Civil went to the area to carry out the appropriate checks, but because the area was difficult to access and any recovery was extremely dangerous, with no signposting or path to reach it by foot, they called for help from the UHEL of Fuerteventura and the GREIM from Tenerife.

The Mountain Team coordinated the operation with the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of Gran Tarajal (ETPJ), for the extraction and recovery of the body, guiding the rescue helicopter into a narrow and very vertical ravine where the Mountain Rescue Team got off the helicopter to reach the body on foot.

Once they were able to hoist the body on to the helicopter, it was flown to the Morro Jable heliport and handed over to the members of the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of Gran Tarajal for the corresponding protocols for identification and cause of death. At this stage, no more information has been given.