Hotels that have reopened in Gran Canaria are operating at 40% occupancy

2020/07/07 08:01:30 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

Hoteliers are not expecting a high influx of guests until September, or to be at 100% occupancy until October, when the high season for tourists in the Canary Islands begins.

Hotels in Gran Canaria that have reopened after the end of the state of alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic, have had an occupancy level of between 30 and 40% in these first few days of July, according to the Federation of Hospitality and Tourism of Las Palmas (FEHT).

Its president, José María Mañaricúa, said that, with the number of clients coming to the island right now occupancy would not even reach 10% if all hotels were open, although he stressed that despite these low figures, the sector will recover activity, and once it starts it will be quick numbers wise.

The hotels that are open represent between 20 and 25% of the total, indicated Mañaricúa, who insisted that a more intense activity is not expected until September and October, and until then openings will be progressive.

Occupations so far in July have primarily been national and international tourism, as well as locals on weekends, explained the president of the FEHT, but they expect the next wave of openings from July 15th.

Mañaricúa emphasized that the low figures in the Canary Islands regarding the pandemic, generate confidence in people who are thinking about going on holiday, and thinks that being able to show that the islands are a safe destination and capable of receiving clients, will improve the number of arrivals.

The president of FEHT said that he doesn't have data on the percentage of occupancy of the planes that have arrived to the islands from abroad since July 1st, since that data is handled by AENA and the airlines, but what is known is that there are already more airlines flying to the islands and from more countries.

"The Canary Islands have an opportunity to show strength and offer a safe service at a special and difficult time like this," Mañaricúa stressed, who insisted that tourists who choose the islands as a destination will be able to live their vacations normally.