A hot and hazy November weekend in the Canary Islands

2020/11/21 08:35:28 Written by Canarian Weekly National

There has been the presence of a haze since yesterday (Friday) in the archipelago, which will be more intense today pushing temperatures up across the islands, especially on the north coast of the more mountainous islands.

There will be little cloud and clear skies in general across the archipelago and the wind will light to moderate blowing from the east, and more intense inland at altitude.

On Saturday the minimums temperatures may drop slightly in inland areas, but the maximums will increase, and expect clear skies, with some cloudy intervals, with weak to moderate east to southeast breezes.

On Sunday evening the haze will subside, meanwhile, skies will be clear, with some interval of high clouds. The temperatures will not change much, they are still high for the time of year, and the wind will continue to be moderate with some strong gusts.

Temperatures Saturday to Monday:
Tenerife (South): Highs of 28º and lows of 20º
Gran Canaria (South): Highs of 24º and lows of 16º
Lanzarote: Highs of 25º and lows of 18º
Fuerteventura: Highs of 24º & lows of 17º
La Palma: Highs of 20º and lows of 14º
La Gomera: Highs of 21º and lows of 15º
El Hierro: Highs of 19º and lows of 15º

Winds are expected to be between 15 and 20km/h.
Humidity is 60% with a 1% chance of rain.
Sunrise: 7.33am
Sunset: 6.12pm
Calm seas with small waves of maximum 2 metres.