Hit and run driver arrested in Gran Canaria

2020/06/28 08:07:20 Written by Canarian Weekly Gran Canaria

The Guardia Civil have found and arrested the driver of the vehicle who ran over a man on GC-1 motorway on Saturday morning, killing him then fleeing the scene.

The fatal incident took place shortly before 5am as the victim was walking along the slip road that joins to the GC-1 at junction 23, as it passes through the municipality of Agüimes, by Cruce de Arinaga, heading towards Las Palmas.
The deceased was not wearing reflective clothing, and was walking in a area prohibited to pedestrians, according to sources confirmed by the investigators.

Emergency services received a call at 4.50am saying that someone had been runover on the motorway in the north direction at the Arinaga junction, so immediately dispatched ambulances, the Guardia Civil, and notified the Agüimes Local Police.

Upon arrival at the scene, the man was still breathing but paramedics couldn't do anything to save his life, and he died from the injuries he sustained during the incident.

Just a few hours later the Guardia Civil arrested a man in Las Palmas for the hit and run, after studying motorway CCTV footage, and taking statements from a couple of witnesses giving details of the car involved.

The driver is now in police custody in Las Palmas, and the Guardia Civil are continuing with the investigation, including the taking his statement as the alleged perpetrator of the attack, and fleeing after hitting the man.