Half of all hotels in the Canary Islands will be open in August

2020/07/09 11:31:11 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

"Reservations may now reflect an occupancy forecast of 80% for August, but half of these are being cancelled"

FEHT predicts that available accommodation will practically double next month, going from the current 133 hotels open, to more than 200 in August, as local tourism responds and leads the way to recovery.

The Canary Islands tourism sector, is slowly recovering its pulse thanks to the encouragement of the residents of the islands, who are responding to the call of hoteliers to lay the foundations for the recovery of the destination with their presence.
Local tourism, and the still timid recovery of air connections after the reopening of borders, have allowed 133 hotels to be operational throughout the Canary Islands during July.

These are the estimates of the president of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Hospitality and Tourism of Las Palmas (FEHT), José María Mañaricua, who calculates that "25%" of the 534 hotels that make up the total supply of the Canarian destination have recovered activity until now.

The percentage of apartment complexes that have reopened, he admits, is higher, although quantifying them is very difficult.
Equally hard, is measuring the average occupancy of operational accommodation, although they estimate that they remain at 40% of the total number of places available, far from the usual 80% at this time of year.
That would mean that, in the absence of official confirmation, that the whole sector is only serving approximately 120,000 tourists in July, just 10% of the usual 1.2 million that it received at the same time last year.

FEHT also calculate that in August, the percentage of hotels open will rise to 40% which translates to 210 operating establishments. If this forecast is fulfilled, the Canary Island destination would offer around 100,000 hotel beds, against total capacity of almost 250,000.

These are only predictions, Mañaricua insists, and therefore "the final results can change in a very important way depending on demand, flight prices, and especially the global evolution of the pandemic."

FEHT are also conservative when asked about occupancy expectations: in August they recognize that peaks of 80% will be reached on weekends, thanks to local tourism, but they do not believe that an average of 50% will be reached during the month.

"It's impossible to foresee what will happen," they explain, "because clients can cancel their reservations or postpone vacations 24 hours before arrival without any penalty. Reservations may now reflect an occupancy forecast of 80% for August, but half of these are being cancelled, so that the occupation may not finally reach 50%" says Mañaricua.