30 caves and shacks will be cleared tomorrow on Granadilla coast

2020/07/29 20:25:46 Written by Canarian Weekly Tenerife

People will be evicted from more than thirty shacks, caves and huts, tomorrow, on the stretch of coast between Agua Dulce, in Los Abrigos, and La Mareta, in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona.

This is the second action against an illegal settlement in the south of the Island in the last two weeks, after the one carried out in La Caleta. In fact, some of those affected had recently settled here, after being expelled from the Adeje coast.

The action, which will be carried out by Costas and the Granadilla City Council, will affect an undetermined number of people, but "there are at least 34", said the Councillor for Security, María Candelaria Rodríguez, who also explained that 90% of these inhabitants are foreigners.

"It is not a new problem, but it has been growing in recent years, and in addition to not meeting basic healthy conditions to live, it has generated a significant deterioration of the area, with the presence of garbage, and graffiti on the rocks," said the mayor, who wanted to make clear his respect "for the way of life that each person chooses, as long as it does not affect others."

Rodríguez also said that many of the 'residents' left the area when the state of alarm was declared, and returned as soon as the restrictions ended.

The City Council wants to go further, the Government group has warned that tomorrow only part of the problem will be solved, since there are other illegal settlements that have not been acted on, such as in the ravines near the Hermano Pedro caves (which affects several land owners), and those surrounding the El Medano and El Topo svhools.

In these areas, the Council has already begun to do its homework, beginning the process of identifying the inhabitants. Now they hope that tomorrow's action will be the start of an operation that will spread to the rest of the settlements.

The Granadilla coast will be the second point to intervene against illegal settlements in the last 15 days after the eviction, on July 14th, of the Diego Hernández beach area in Adeje.