Government to reward health professionals for work during the pandemic

2020/06/24 18:04:56 Written by Canarian Weekly Business

The management of the Canarian Health Service (SCS) has presented their proposal to reward their frontline staff for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, with bonuses of between 500 and 1,800 euros, depending on the degree of exposure, direct or indirect, to the virus during the crisis.

In total 16,242 (14,785 healthcare and 1,457 non-healthcare) of the more than 31,000 professionals will benefit from these payments. Antonio Olivera, the acting director of the SCS, and Julio Pérez, the Councillor of Health, in this stage of health emergency, presented two documents detailing the proposal to the union representatives of the workers, which entails a cost of 18.8 million euros to the Canarian administration.

Olivera stressed during the meeting that it needs final negotiation with the Ministry of Health, under the command of Blas Trujillo, and his team from the SCS leadership.

The unions, which valued the workers recognition, expressed their "concern" that it is not carried out rigorously and that in the end it becomes a "comparative grievance among colleagues", and noted that the "best recognition is to fix the structural deficits that we have, especially regarding personnel, instability of staff, consolidation of positions,” said the Professional Union of Doctors of Las Palmas.

Other compensatory measures in favour of the personnel of the health institutions of the SCS include:

Days of free disposal:
The days of free disposal to which the personnel of the health institutions of the Canary Health Service are entitled, are increased by two days in this year. Said increase will undergo the appropriate proportional adaptation when the appointment or contract has not been maintained in force throughout the year and/or during the validity of the state of alarm, including its extensions.

Incentive program:
For the payment in 2021 of the amounts of the incentive program, it will be taken into account that the degree of achievement of the objectives of each service, healthcare unit or equivalent management, health centre or provision unit, is 100% during the first semester of this year. If the health emergency declared by the advance and development of the covid-19 continues after said date, said consideration will be extended to this period. Likewise, for the purposes of the payment of the maximum annual amount in each case for said remuneration, the days in which you have been temporarily disabled by covid-19 will be considered effective working time.

Assessment of services provided:
For the purposes of its assessment according to the scale of merits applicable in the selective processes and provision of basic jobs, department and/or department heads and managerial positions, each of the days of services provided during the state of alarm, and its extensions, will have the valuation corresponding to double the value of the other days.

Selective processes and the provision of positions in the health institutions of the Canary Health Service:
It will be recognized as the first cause of the tiebreaker in the selective processes and the provision of positions in the health institutions of the Canary Health Service for having provided effective services in these, during the period of validity of the state of alarm, including its extensions.

Permits to attend conferences and seminars:
The personnel of health institutions that have provided effective services in these during the period of validity of the alarm state, including their extensions.

Training actions at the ESSSCAN:
The personnel referred to in these measures, will have preference in the selection of ESSCAN courses compared to personnel who have not provided effective services in that period.

Increase in places in occupational risk prevention services:
It is agreed to carry out the appropriate actions to increase the number of places in the health risk prevention services of health institutions, in order to adapt their staffing with respect to the number of employees of these and the type of risks existing in them by the provision of health care.

Cash replacement rate:
The modification of the basic regulations for the suppression of the limit of the replacement rate of staff in public employment offers of health institutions will be urged before the State Government.

Hourly credit for union activity and staff representation:
Given the increase in union activity during the validity of the state of alarm, and the collaboration provided in guaranteeing the provision of services, the hourly credit consumed in said period will not be imputed to the corresponding hourly credit exchange or, in its case, to the monthly hourly credit of the corresponding unit or personal representative.